Source code for campy.util.sound

This file defines a class that represents a sound.
import campy.private.platform as _platform

[docs]class Sound(): """ This class encapsulates a sound file. The sound file is specified in the constructor and must be a file in either the current directory or a subdirectory named sounds. The following code, for example, plays the sound file ringtone.wav:: ringtone = Sound("ringtone.wav") """ def __init__(self, filename): """Creates a Sound object. The default constructor creates an empty sound that cannot be played. The second form initializes the sound by reading in the contents of the specified file. @type filename: string @param filename: sound file @rtype: void """ self.filename = filename _platform.Platform().create_sound(self, filename)
[docs] def play(self): """Starts playing the sound. This call returns immediately without waiting for the sound to finish. """ _platform.Platform().play_sound(self)
def __del__(self): """Frees the Java memory associated with the sound.""" _platform.Platform().delete_sound(self)