Source code for campy.util.simpio

#!/usr/bin/env python3 -tt
File: simpio.h
This file exports a set of functions that simplify input/output
operations in Python and provide some error-checking on console input.

Modified from Marty Stepp's CPP libraries.

@author sredmond

GETINTEGER_DEFAULT_PROMPT = "Enter an integer: ";
GETINTEGER_DEFAULT_REPROMPT = "Illegal integer format. Try again.";
GETREAL_DEFAULT_PROMPT = "Enter a number: ";
GETREAL_DEFAULT_REPROMPT = "Illegal numeric format. Try again.";
GETPOSITIVEREAL_DEFAULT_PROMPT = "Enter a positive number: "
GETPOSITIVEREAL_DEFAULT_REPROMPT = "Illegal numeric format. Try again. "
GETYESORNO_DEFAULT_REPROMPT = "Please type a word that starts with 'Y' or 'N': ";
DEFAULT_REPROMPT = "Invalid input. Please try again. "

[docs]def get_integer(prompt=GETINTEGER_DEFAULT_PROMPT, reprompt=GETINTEGER_DEFAULT_REPROMPT): return get_fn_cond( lambda line: int(line.strip()), lambda _: True, prompt, reprompt )
[docs]def get_real(prompt=GETREAL_DEFAULT_PROMPT, reprompt=GETREAL_DEFAULT_REPROMPT): return get_fn_cond( lambda line: float(line.strip()), lambda _: True, prompt, reprompt )
[docs]def get_positive_real(prompt=GETPOSITIVEREAL_DEFAULT_PROMPT, reprompt=GETPOSITIVEREAL_DEFAULT_REPROMPT): return get_fn_cond( lambda line: float(line.strip()), lambda val: val > 0, prompt, reprompt )
[docs]def get_yes_or_no(prompt=GETYESORNO_DEFAULT_PROMPT, reprompt=GETYESORNO_DEFAULT_REPROMPT, default=None): result = get_fn_cond( lambda line: line[0].upper() if line else default, lambda val: val in ['Y', 'N'], prompt, reprompt ) return result == 'Y'
[docs]def get_fn_cond(fn, pred, prompt=DEFAULT_PROMPT, reprompt=DEFAULT_REPROMPT): prompt = append_space(prompt) while True: line = input(prompt) try: out = fn(line) except Exception: pass else: if pred(out): return out if reprompt: print(append_space(reprompt))
[docs]def get_line(prompt=None): return input(append_space(prompt))
[docs]def append_space(prompt): """Adds a space to the end of the given string if none is present.""" if not prompt.endswith(' '): return prompt + ' ' return prompt