Source code for campy.util.randomgenerator

#!/usr/bin/env python3 -tt
File: random.h
This file exports functions for generating pseudorandom numbers.
In most cases, the builtin random library should be used, but this
class offers some nice conveniences.

Note: the methods are named in consistency with the random module
import random as _random
from collections import deque as _deque

"""TODO: singleton?"""
[docs]class RandomGenerator(_random.Random): _instance = None
[docs] @classmethod def get_instance(cls): return cls._instance
""" NOTE: a student shouldn't ever instantiate a RandomGenerator""" """ Rather, they should access one using getInstance """ def __init__(self): self._fixed_bools = _deque() self._fixed_ints = _deque() self._fixed_reals = _deque()
[docs] def randbool(self): return randchance(0.5)
[docs] def randint(self, low, high): if self._fixed_ints: return self._fixed_ints.pop() return super().randint(low, high)
[docs] def randchance(self, p): if self._fixed_bools: return self._fixed_bools.pop() return self.random() < p
[docs] def randreal(self, low=0, high=1): if self._fixed_reals: return self._fixed_reals.pop() return low + (high - low) * self.random()
def _feed_bool(self, value): self._fixed_bools.appendleft(value) def _feed_int(self, value): self._fixed_ints.appendleft(value) def _feed_real(self, value): self._fixed_reals.appendleft(value)
RandomGenerator._instance = RandomGenerator()