Source code for campy.private.consolestreambuffer

This file defines the <code>ConsoleStreamBuffer</code> class, which
represents a stream buffer that reads/writes to the Stanford graphical console
using a process pipe to a Java back-end process.
import io as _io
import campy.private.platform as _platform

[docs]class ConsoleStreamBuffer:
[docs] def input(self, prompt=''): _platform.Platform().put_console(prompt) result = _platform.Platform().get_line_console() if result.endswith('\n'): result = result[:-1] return result
[docs] def print(self, *objects, sep='', end='\n', flush=False, stderr=False): buffer = _io.StringIO() __builtins__.print(*objects, sep=sep, end=end, file=buffer, flush=True) data = buffer.getvalue() _platform.Platform().put_console(data, stderr=stderr)
[docs]def test_consolestreambuffer(): console = ConsoleStreamBuffer() console.print('Hello there! I echo text.\n') name = console.input('What is your name? ') console.print('Hello, {}'.format(name)) while True: to_say = console.input('What should I say (hit ENTER to exit)? ') if not to_say: break console.print(to_say) console.print(5, 6, 7, sep='/', end=' :)', stderr=True)
if __name__ == '__main__': test_consolestreambuffer()