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"""Interact with the graphics libraries via window events.

There are only two types of window events to which a caller can subscribe:

- WindowClosed: The graphical window was closed.
- WindowResized: The graphical window was resized.
import campy.private.platform as _platform

[docs]class GWindowEvent: def __init__(self, gwindow, x, y, width, height): """Construct a""" self._gwindow = gwindow self._x = x self._y = y self._width = width self._height = height @property def window(self): return self._gwindow @property def x(self): return self._x @property def y(self): return self._y @property def width(self): return self._width @property def height(self): return self._height def __str__(self): return "GWindowEvent(x={}, y={}, width={}, height={})".format(self.x, self.y, self.width, self.height)
[docs]def onwindowresized(function): _platform.Platform().event_add_window_changed_handler(function)
[docs]def onwindowmoved(function): pass
# Define decorators for all of the common types of events.
[docs]def onwindowclosed(function): """ If it returns a False-y value, the default action is taken. If it returns a Truth-y value, the default action is skipped. Note that this is OPPOSITE how Javascript does things. There can be only one window closed handler per window. """ _platform.Platform().event_set_window_closed_handler(function)