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This file defines the <code>GOptionPane</code> class which supports
popping up graphical dialog boxes for user input.

This class is inspired by, extremely similar to, and implemented on
the back-end by, Java's JOptionPane class, so you may wish to consult
that class's documentation in the Java API Specification for more
import enum as _enum

import campy.private.platform as _platform
from campy.system.error import error as error

"""Constants for showConfirmDialog types, taken from Java's JOptionPane."""
[docs]@_enum.unique class ConfirmType(_enum.Enum): """The three types of confirm dialogs: Yes/No, Yes/No/Cancel, or OK/Cancel.""" YES_NO = 0 YES_NO_CANCEL = 1 OK_CANCEL = 2
[docs]@_enum.unique class ConfirmResult(_enum.Enum): """The various results that can be returned from some option dialogs.""" CANCEL = -1 # For yes/no/cancel NO = 0 # No is 'falsey' YES = 1 # Yes is 'truthy' OK = 2 # For ok/cancel dialogs
[docs]@_enum.unique class MessageType(_enum.Enum): ERROR = 0 INFORMATION = 1 PLAIN = -1 QUESTION = 3 WARNING = 2
[docs]class GOptionPane:
[docs] class InternalResult(_enum.Enum): """The results that can come back from showConfirmDialog. These are converted into Result enum values. """ CANCEL_OPTION = 2 CLOSED_OPTION = -1 NO_OPTION = 1 OK_OPTION = 0 YES_OPTION = 0
[docs] @classmethod def show_confirm_dialog(cls, message, title="", confirm_type=ConfirmType.YES_NO): if confirm_type not in ConfirmType: error("GOptionPane::show_confirm_dialog: Illegal dialog type.") if not title: title = "Select an option" result = cls.InternalResult(_platform.Platform().goptionpane_show_confirm_dialog(message, title, confirm_type)) print("from platform: ", result) if result in [cls.InternalResult.OK_OPTION, cls.InternalResult.YES_OPTION]: # this is weird code because JOptionPane thinks of OK and Yes as the same, #and differentiates based on context of whether this is an OK/Cancel or Yes/No dialog return ConfirmResult.OK if confirm_type == ConfirmType.OK_CANCEL else ConfirmResult.YES elif result == cls.InternalResult.NO_OPTION: return ConfirmResult.NO else: return ConfirmResult.CANCEL
[docs] @classmethod def show_input_dialog(cls, message, title=""): return _platform.Platform().goptionpane_show_input_dialog(message, title)
[docs] @classmethod def show_message_dialog(cls, message, title="", message_type=MessageType.PLAIN): if message_type not in MessageType: error("GOptionPane::showMessageDialog: Illegal dialog type."); if not title: title = "Message" _platform.Platform().goptionpane_show_message_dialog(message, title, message_type)
[docs] @classmethod def show_option_dialog(cls, message, options, title="", initially_selected=""): if not title: title = "Select an option" index = _platform.Platform().goptionpane_show_option_dialog(message, title, options, initially_selected) if cls.InternalResult(index) != cls.InternalResult.CLOSED_OPTION and 0 <= index < len(options): return options[index] return ""
[docs] @classmethod def show_text_file_dialog(cls, message, title="", rows=-1, cols=-1): if not title: title = "Text file contents" _platform.Platform().goptionpane_show_text_file_dialog(message, title, rows, cols)